Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Deuce is home!

I made an appointment for 8:20pm today to pick up Deuce from the vet, then I called Josh at work to ask if we could get him earlier. I was feeling lousy and I wanted my Deuce home!

I tried to move the appointment but they said they were swamped, so I let it be.

We got to the clinic for 8:00 and said that we were there to pick him up. The waiting area was completely empty and a couple of the techs were sitting around talking. Busy indeed!

When 8:20 rolled around, sure enough, one of the techs got off their butts, went downstairs and got Deuce ready to come home. During that time, Josh and I had to talk to a nurse about Deuce's care at home.

They changed his food, because apparently we're evil pet-parents and feed him Whiskas and Sheba (food he likes), and the occasional half can of tuna. (Yes, I know, we should be cast out...)

The food they put him on, which I do have to admit he likes, was sold at the clinic, of course. They showed us how to give him his medication and then a syringe full of water (this is 'old hat' for me, since I used to work at that clinic many moons ago and used to administer meds), but I indulged the nurse and let her explain anyways.

Before they brought Deuce upstairs, we wanted to settle accounts. Josh's father, when he brought Deuce in, put down a substantial deposit and surprisingly there was actually a credit on Deuce's account. This will come in handy as he has to go back in a couple of weeks for his vaccinations.

Then it was time to bring Deuce upstairs. Now, if you remember my old posts explaining what a terror he is, this next part was very shocking.

The tech brought Deuce up in her arms, cradling him.

Josh and I looked at each other and said "that's not our cat". We were convinced that something catastrophic happened to Deuce while we were gone and someone did the old 'switcheroo' and got us a new cat. Deuce simply does not act like that with strangers.

They put him in his cage and then he started crying and mewing, we both recognized his voice (yes, that probably sounds strange) and let go a sigh of relief.

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