Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just for you, Kathy...

After I posted briefly on Sunday about having sushi for dinner, Kathy got all excited and posted a bunch of questions. So I decided to torture her here and post a picture of sushi and answer her questions here. :P

1. What kind of sushi did you get? Pretty much the picture above is what we got. Six pieces of salmon sushi and six pieces of California roll. Definitely drool-worthy.

2. What's your favorite? Salmon sushi by far. I'm not really into tuna, though Josh loves it. His favourite is the spicy tuna handroll. There's a place near us that does a kickass salmon sushi pizza (crispy baked rice, cut into little triangles, with salmon sushi on top). I swear the last time I had it I think I saw Jimi Hendrix. :)

3. Did you get Miso soup? Nope, no Miso soup. It was take-out sushi so they only had the boxes.

The prices aren't crazy expensive either, for the 12 pieces it came to $10.95 (which isn't bad for kosher sushi--and they do party trays!) Not that certain sushi isn't kosher (or close enough) anyways, but we picked it up from a kosher bakery. Yes, that sounds weird I know, but the bakery is split in two...one side is the bakery, the other is the sushi take-out place. :P

Actually last year Josh and I took a 'how to make sushi' class held by our Rabbi at his house. So now Josh makes sushi at home a couple times a month. :)

(Are you drooling yet, Kathy?)


Doris & Dan Clark said...

That looks good! I like sushi okay but Dan is allergic so it is not our top choice when we go out or order in.

Keep smilin!

Connie said...

Okay, I fess up. The thought of sushi makes me gag...repeatedly. There, that will leave plenty more for you all to enjoy! The only thing I like raw are my veggies.

wzgirl said...

Sushi fan here. I love most things but draw the line at sea urchin. NOt too crazy about the quail eggs, either. My favorite is Hamachi - but I also LOVE Shiromaguro (with a little garlic on top). Yum!!!

Kathy and Joel said...

OH! MY! GAWD!!!!
I'm so drooling all over my keyboard at this moment! It looks just so incredibly yummy and if I can't have any until the weekend, I'm happy that at least someone I know is able to experience the nirvana of it all.
I loved that you said you could see Jimi Hendrix as I ccan totally relate! Often, I need to put down my chopsticks and sit way back in my chair with eyes closed just to let the moment settle. Thank you for answering my questions! I love spicy tuna roll! My favorite of all time is dynamite (Tempura with shrimp). Yummmm!