Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just because I'm anal... **(updated)

I'm going to be backdating all my posts about my vacation, so whenever I wake up from a much needed nap I'll start posting...something. I've got posts for each day that we were away. I'm hoping to get all those up by the weekend, but that might be a bit of a longshot. IF I'm successful with that, then Josh and I might start posting our pictures at some point on the weekend as well. We'll see.

I got about 2 hours sleep last night, it's a rather long story, but I ended up getting to sleep around 1:30 this morning (after flying all day), and got woken up somewhere around 3:30ish by a lightning storm. It was pretty damn impressive!

With all the running around in and around Glasgow and Rome...and then back to Glasgow, I managed to get sick (and it wasn't from the cuisine). At least the good part is that I got sick at the *end* of the trip and not near the beginning. I'd be really pissed off if I was sick during our Rome side trip.

Anyways, off I go to sleep for (hopefully) a few hours...

I just uploaded that picture and it's rather disturbing with the title of this post...or is it just me?

**Like I said in a previous post, Josh also wrote in the diary, but he doesn't want a blogger account, so any posts that he makes will have (JC) in the title to keep things 'separate'.**


Doris & Dan Clark said...

Yuck! It is good that if you had to get sick it was near the end.

Sleep well and feel better!

Keep smilin!

Kathy and Joel said...

Sorry you're not feeling so hot. Wasn't that storm this morning awesome? The thunder and lightning was crazy!

Wicked Witch said...

Feel better. It is awful being sick. I have been sick for 18 days. It sucks!

walternatives said...

No, it's not just you (re: pic and title). May be it's just that we're twisted?