Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lights, lamb, and liquor

I went back to the gym today and increased the workout a little. I found out the name of that machine from Friday, apparently it's called a biangular lat row, but whatever it is it gives me a good workout. The only downside is that my right shoulder hurts like a mo-fo. ;)

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the apartment because Josh and I had my mom and a friend of hers over for dinner. They both came over with bamboo plants! Finally, something that my black thumb can't kill...or can it?

Josh made a kickass lamb stew which was a bit of a challenge because since last night the power kept going off. In the middle of the night I kept hearing this loud chirp. Our smoke detectors are hard-wired in the apartment so everytime the power goes off, they chirp.

But I digress, Josh was busy in the kitchen (where all men SHOULD be :P) boiling the lamb then all of a sudden the power went off. We were faced with a dilemna, do we wait and hope that the power goes back on or do we pack up all our stuff and head over to my mom's to cook?

We called the super and he said that Toronto Hydro said that the power would be off until 8:00 tonight. Eek! I called my mom to say that we were on our way over and just as I was about to hang up, the power suddenly came back on! Weird. We ended up staying put and surprisingly the power stayed on all evening.

The stew turned out amazingly good and we cracked open the Cat Pee wine, and to our amazement it was a *VERY* drinkable wine. (So Kathy go and get a bottle, you won't be sorry). My mom even had a sip, I mean come on, how can you not try it? ;) We also picked up a bottle of Vanilla Vine wine, which was really good as well. You can't beat wine with the subtle taste of vanilla...


Connie said...

Yum to that Cat Pee wine. I'll have to keep on the lookout.

Good for you going to the gym. I have to do all my stuff outside or I get freak-o. Hence, why I get a lot of trotting in.

Glad you enjoyed the lamb and cat pee with the lights on...I think ;0)

Shovelin' Fool said...

Ok, I am NO fan of lamb, and the thought of just catching a whiff of cat pee, combined with the thought of catching a whiff of lamb, makes me wanna hurl. Thanks, I'm gonna have nightmares (I would however, love to dive headfirst into a bottle of ANY wine!)

wzgirl said...

You GO girl. Keep up with the gym stuff - you inspire me. And, I will keep a lookout on that vino. XO

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Sounds like your wine was a hit. When I first read it I thought it was a gag gift or something! Sounds like you had a great meal!