Monday, October 16, 2006

The rabbit died...on paper

Ok, so I ripped the graphic off someone else's blog, so shoot me. :P

We got an email from our agency today (on our 2 month DTC monthaversary) that we have a LID!

Our LID is September 13, so we've officially been logged in for just over a month. I was sure that our dossier got lost in the mail and I've been feeling a little down about it, but no more!

Now on to how I found out...

Josh called me at the office and said "Have you seen the emails today?" to which I had to respond "Well no, not since I got to work". He told me to go check it and call him back. I had an inkling this is what it was, as he doesn't really encourage me to check from work. You see, I have a typewriter at work and I haven't quite figured out how to log on to the internet from it...but I keep trying.

So I had to go downstairs to The UPS Store and use the computer there. I opened it up and did a little non-movement happy dance in my seat, though I'm sure I did wiggle a little.

I was tempted to write a post or send out emails to a few bloggy people (we need a better term than that) who have been supportive through this like Nicole, Heather and Connie and E, just to name a few, but decided to wait and post it tonight. It was amusing because right at that moment, Johnny had written me an email and I almost blurted it out in the email to him, but I held back. I figured I'd get more 'bang for the buck' if you guys just read it here. :P

Anyways, I ran back upstairs called Josh, told my FIL, called my mom, called my MIL, called my brother (who wasn't home but I called him back later), and called my BIL in New York. The response was all positive, but it generally can be summarized as "So what does this mean now?" After explaining it, everyone got really excited!

So one month down and ? to go. Our agency is still sticking with 18 months until referral, so if they're right we have another 17 to go...we'll see.

After work, I was on a bit of an emotional high and I decided to go to the gym. Since losing the 10 pounds, I decided that I was going to start back and try to lose another 10. I'll let you know how that turns out, but so far so good.

I'm a little sore after today's workout, I probably did too much (actually I know I did). I did half an hour on the treadmill and I did two miles, then I used the back extender machine and did 90 reps with 45 pounds, then I used the pullover machine and did 60 reps with 30 pounds. I figure if I don't push myself then I'll never get back into a routine there.

I'll see if I feel the same way tomorrow...


Kathy and Joel said...

WWWHHHOOOOOOOO HHHOOOOOOO!! Good for you, sweet girl!! Go out and celebrate this fantastic news!

wzgirl said...

Heyyy! Congrats all around - on the LID (woo!hoo!), the weightloss & the return to the gym! You GO girl!!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Yippee! Great news! It is such a relief to have the date and a date to work from.

So happy for you. It is tough to wait to hear it and when you do...ahhh!

Keep smilin!

walternatives said...

Hip hip HOORAY!

Johnny said...

Well, congrats!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...


Connie said...

Hey woman! I am SO happy for you. Whew - what a load off to know you didn't get 'lost' in China.

Good for you on the exercise drive...this little Stella needs to get her groove back too! You're inspiring me :0)