Monday, October 16, 2006

What does this mean for us?

Yes, I know I'm taking the selfish angle on this topic, but what will this mean for us? By "us", I don't mean just Josh and I, but I mean everyone in the IA community.

Now granted, this won't kick in until parents reach the age of 60, so I don't think we have *much* to worry about...yet. However, doling out 1/5th of one's annual income to combat the problem is probably very tempting to the people who live in the very rural areas of China.

I have to wonder about these (very) selfish questions. Will this mean that wait times will get even longer now that there will be less children available for adoption? Most likely it won't affect us this time, but what about when we adopt again?

Oh yeah, and today marks two months since we've been DTC.

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Kathy and Joel said...

I sometimes think about what will happen to us if we would like to adopt again. Not sure how to answer it yet.