Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kol Nidre

Josh and I decided to have a nice, quiet day in Busby (where the B&B is) and took our time getting up. We had breakfast at 10:00am because Uncle Ian was going to pick us up at 3:30 to go out for dinner. This way, having a late breakfast eliminated the need to get lunch.

The innkeeper made us a hearty breakfast of fishcakes which were great! We got a bit antsy after breakfast and decided to explore the bustling metropolis of Busby (not). Pretty much everything was closed because it was Sunday. The stores that were not closed, were shuttered, as Busby is undergoing a bit of an economic downturn. We walked a few blocks and decided to head back and relax for a few hours before going out for dinner.

I hadn't been feeling great the last few days and it finally culminated in a cold/stomach bug, so I actually ended up sleeping for a few hours.

Uncle Ian showed up at the B&B spot on 3:30, and he was more than ready to head to dinner. He drove us into Glasgow and we arrived at the restaurant for 4:00.

We each had the same thing; a 12oz steak. Probably not the best idea to eat that with being under the weather, but our options were limited at this restaurant. Nevertheless, the food was quite good, but the service was slow, which Ian kept mentioning. Sorry, but they don't slay the beast at the table, Uncle Ian!

Since the intention was that we were all going to fast for the holiday, we all decided to have dessert too. Josh had a sorbet, I had a chocolate fudge cake, and Uncle Ian had the Knickerbocker glory. Thankfully I found a link to what it looks like because I really can't remember since he pretty much inhaled it. He must have thoroughly enjoyed it because as soon as he scraped the last bit out with his spoon, he lifted the glass to his lips, tilted the glass back to slurp the last drops out. It was akin to watching someone get the last drop of Dom Perignon out of their champagne flute, but not quite as classy. ;)

We got the bill and headed to synagogue. To say that the service was long would be an understatement. It lasted nearly three full hours, there was far too much 'oy oy oying'. During the service my stomach bug acted up and I will save the details, but it was NOT pleasant. I excused myself and went to the washroom. I was in there so long that a woman started flicking the lights. I started to feel like I was at intermission of a play and the curtain was about to go up.

When services were over we went back to the B&B and got ready for bed.

There was a knock at our bedroom door and the innkeeper came in. She told us she had counted the money and noticed that we gave her 500 pounds, when her fee was actually 450. She tried handing us back 100 pounds as we had overpaid and she would rather take a loss than us overpaying. We insisted on her keeping the money and this went back and forth for a while, but we were very firm about tipping her. She was very appreciative and thanked us sincerely for it.

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