Friday, October 13, 2006

Just having one of *those* days...

So this coming Monday we'll hit our 2 month DTC date. Yes, that's right, two months and still no LID. I know there is the occasional person floating around who has waited longer, but right now, I just want *my* LID.

I'm assuming that once the new batch of referrals comes out, then we'll have our LID. We were told by our agency that it could take up to three months to get the LID, but I never thought it actually would for some reason. I guess it's because they've overestimated the timelines all the way along.

Yes, I know once I have the LID it doesn't mean all that much, apart from actually being in CCAA's system and that we have a HUGE wait after that, but I just want to know now. Is that so wrong?



Connie said... wrong-o there. Who doesn't want to know when they can 'offically' start counting? Besides, it's a relief to know your dossier didn't get lost on the way. That was my huge dossier being used to prop up a table leg somewhere.

wzgirl said...

No way. We all want/wanted to know that darn date. And, yeah, it is a bit anticlimactic when you look at the loooooong wait ahead - but that is *your* date & Little Maple's date - and that is why it is so important.

I hope that you get it soon.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

I hear ya We've been waiting 4 months!!!!!
Hope you get it soon.

Kathy and Joel said...

Hope you get that LID soon, sweet girl.