Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the gym I go...

I went to the gym again after work. I find that I'm really getting into the habit now, not only because I'm actually enjoying it, but because I'm blogging about it and it sort of "forces" me to continue every other day. Anyways, today I increased a couple of things slightly:

30 minutes on the treadmill
60 tricep extensions with 30 pounds
60 abdominal crunches with 30 pounds
60 pullovers with 30 pounds
140 back extensions with 70 pounds
60 repetitions with 30 pounds on the biangular lat row

When I was doing the tricep extensions I heard something that sounded like it was tearing, there was mild discomfort, but I'm not really sure what it was. Oh well, if it's anything I'll know about it in the morning. I've noticed that it doesn't seem like I'm losing any weight since I started working out, I'm probably gaining muscle instead.

After the workout, Josh and I went to get sushi for dinner. He didn't join me for the workout, he seems to have pulled a muscle in his back and he's walking like a septuagenarian. If you're old enough, think of "The Old Man" that Tim Conway did on The Carol Burnett Show. (I tried to find a picture, but gave up). :P

Tomorrow I'll be tweaking the blog to reflect the way the vote went (ie., the blogroll will be chronological). If anyone knows the LIDs for the ones that are missing, please comment below. I'll also give the answer to how old the woman was from the previous post. :P


Wicked Witch said...

Dude, you are such the better woman than I am. I have to renew this week and I just keep forgetting to.

tracy said...

You go girl! I increased my workout today and I am eating rabbit food. Not sure what happened to my favorite pair of jeans...either they shrunk or I grew....hmmm.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Wish I could give you our LID but we haven't got it YET! been 4 1/2 month but we were DTC on June 9th.

I'm sure we've broken a record for the longest wait for a LID!
You are a Great inspiration wish you were closer so you could kick my butt into gear to go to the gym!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

You are so good for going to the gym...ugh! Slug woman here!

It is better to track your body change not by weight but by how your clothes fit. Like you said, you are gaining muscle.

Keep smilin!

Connie said...

The old guy was Mr. Tudball.

I skip over your work-out regime...makes me feel like a slacker! Go for it though..I AM very impressed.

wzgirl said...

You go girl with your weight-pounding self! Yea!

Love the Carol Burnett reference - remember Mrs. H-Wiggins?? God, we loved that show.