Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On our way home!

We woke up at 5:30 this morning, did the last bit of our packing and went downstairs for breakfast. The innkeeper was sad and said how much she was going to miss us. We told her that we really enjoyed her company, she really was a sweet lady. We finished breakfast and waited for the cab to arrive. Her dog, Tilly, kept jumping all over me, she must have sensed that something was wrong.

The cab arrived at 7:00 and Josh put the bags in the cab. We said our goodbyes to our innkeeper and she gave us each a kiss; she seemed to be on the verge of tears. I just hope I didn't give her my cold/flu/plague. She sent us off with a care package of a chocolate bar and a block of cheese that Josh made an offhand remark a week ago that he liked it. So she went to Marks and Spencer and got us a block to take home.

We got to the airport at 7:40 with a full three hours to spare. Since our morning so far was uneventful, something was bound to happen. The luggage that I bought prior to our trip, one of the straps broke clean off. Not a catastrophe, just a pain in the ass.

We walked through the terminal and I cam close to buying a beautiful cashmere scarf, but as usual, Josh talked me out of it. I did, however, get my nails down. I'm such a girly-girl. ;)

I killed some time by checking my e-mail, and we *still* don't have our LID! GRRR! The longer this takes, the more I'm convinced that our documentation is lost.

We boarded our flight for London and started our LONG journey home. The flight was uneventful, thankfully, except for the woman sitting next to Josh who started talking to us. She explained how she was going to California to visit her family while her husband was in having surgery in Glasgow. I'll save the gory details, which she freely shared with us, but it's his fourth prostate surgery and repair. Thanks for sharing!

The 'wonderful' meal on the plane was a musli breakfast bar that seemed like it was compressed, blow-fill housing insulation with a touch of honey.

We landed at Heathrow around 11:30 and took our time walking to the connection to the other terminal which was a good thing, we got on a virtually empty bus. BONUS!

We walked around the terminal for a while and I walked into Gucci and nearly bought another wallet, but it was the last one and I didn't want to spend that kind of money for a 'floor model'. Josh turned to me and said "How many wallets do you need?" MEN! They just don't understand, do they girls?

We ended up going for lunch at Garfunkel's and had a nice meal. Anything has to be better than airline food!

Our flight from Heathrow left nearly 30 minutes late but was uneventful. I saw the same movie three times, after that many times watching "The Devil Wears Prada", it kind of loses its punch.

We zoomed through customs upon arriving at Pearson and got a limo no problem. We got to Sheppard and Allen Road and all of a sudden we heard a loud boom. As Josh always says, 'it's never an easy route from point A to point B'. After our long day, our limo got a flat tire! That's right, 10 minutes from home, and we were stuck on the road. Cars were passing all around us, quite quickly I might add, and we were just sitting there twiddling our thumbs.

The limo driver called dispatch to try to get another limo to pick us up, but he had no luck. He was given the number for a taxi company to come and pick us up, but he didn't want to call. I had had enough, I was tired, pissy and wanted to go home, so I got out of the limo and hailed a cab.

The limo driver, none too happy with me, grudgingly took our bags out of his trunk and turned to Josh and said "just pay me whatever you feel like for the ride". Josh, being cheeky, opened his wallet and handed him a $5.00 bill. The driver DID say whatever we felt like...

I told Josh to hand him $20.00 which the limo driver got all pissy about and started making comments. I was tempted to grab the $20.00 back, but I just wanted to leave. The cab driver put the bags in his trunk and we headed home. Thank g-d!

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